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You train hard. You play harder. And you can’t afford to take time away from your game. So when overuse damage, orthopedic trauma, or sports injuries occur, it can be devastating to your game, your workouts, your physical health, and your mental health. That is why the sports medicine specialists at Colorado Center of Orthopaedic Excellence work just as hard as you play your game to ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis and world-class care.

Our goal is to return you to play as quickly as possible while preventing re-injury and improving your body’s response to stress. We utilize cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment methods to eliminate pain and improve range of motion so the next time you throw the ball, dunk a basket, or run toward the finish line, you will feel just as good or better than you did before your injury occurred.

When game time comes, every second counts. Healing an injury after it occurs is no different, which is why you need the very best in orthopedic care as soon as trauma happens.

Some of the most frequent sports injuries we treat include:

Our sports medicine doctors use the least-invasive techniques whenever possible to treat sports injuries, but surgery may sometimes be necessary. Our fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons operate with precision on injured joints, ligaments, and tendons to ensure that delicate nerves, tissues, and other surrounding anatomy is preserved.

Physical therapy is often recommended as a means to avoid surgery, as well as pre- and post-op to help the recovery process, and our doctors work closely with our rehabilitation team to help you achieve a full recovery.

Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, a weekend pitcher for your work league, or an Olympic hopeful, our Colorado Springs orthopedic doctors give first-rate care. Make an appointment today with one of our specialists today by calling (719) 623-1050 or you can request one online.

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Patient Education

Patient Education

Everything you need to know about your orthopedic condition, from preventing reinjury to avoiding risk factors can be found in our convenient online patient education library.


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