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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Can Eliminate the Need for Medication

Have you ever suffered from such bad and long lasting pain…
myth and facts

Physical Therapy Myths Debunked

The main goal of physical therapy is to restore your function…
foot and ankle

Podiatrist vs. Foot and Ankle Doctor

The human foot & ankle is a strong and complex mechanical…
Occupational Therapy

The Benefits of Physical Therapy After an Accident

The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to restore your function…
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Reduces Hospital Readmissions

By definition, Occupational therapists must often determine…
Shoulder Pain

Standard Shoulder Replacement Vs Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Your shoulder joint is composed of four joints and three bones:…
Carpel Tunnel and Arthristis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Vs. Arthritis

Like everybody else, you rely on the use of your hands for…
marathon runners

Preparing to Run a Marathon

Gearing up to run a marathon takes a lot of guts, preparation,…
Arthritis, Colorado Center of Orthopaedic Excellence, Cracking Knuckles

Cracking Knuckles: Is it bad for you?

Around 25 - 54 percent of people possess the habit of cracking…
Patient Education

Patient Education

Everything you need to know about your orthopedic condition, from preventing reinjury to avoiding risk factors can be found in our convenient online patient education library.


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