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technology in orthopedics

Technology in Sports

Technology has made its way into nearly every aspect of a person’s…
over use injury

Overuse Injuries – How Can You Prevent Them?

There are two basic types of injuries: acute injuries and overuse…
Toenail Fungus

How to Tell if You Have a Toenail Fungus

Microscopic fungi are everywhere. Gyms, pools, locker rooms,…
elderly fall

Preventing Falls at Home After Orthopedic Surgery

Thanks to advances in modern surgical techniques, many injuries…
sports performance

The Benefits of a Sports Performance Doctor

For athletes of all skill levels, the advantages of seeing…
stretching to prevent injury

Resting Is As Important As Working Out

You often hear about the importance of getting a good workout…

What Causes Gout?

Being born of royal blood sounds like a dream come true. Unless…
skiing injury

Most Common Skiing Orthopedic Accidents

Skiing is a great winter activity that not only serves as great…
black ice ankle injury

Black Ice & Twisted Ankles in Colorado Spring

Coloradans know that black ice not only is a winter phenomenon;…
Patient Education

Patient Education

Everything you need to know about your orthopedic condition, from preventing reinjury to avoiding risk factors can be found in our convenient online patient education library.


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