Q&A with Dr. Hollis

Q&A with Dr. Hollis!

Dr. Ronald Hollis is one of our newest board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons. He specializes in sports medicine and the treatment of shoulder and knee disorders including arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs and shoulder replacement surgery, sports injuries, knee replacement surgery, and fracture care.

Tell us a little bit about yourself – What drew you to orthopedic surgery and specifically a focus on shoulder, elbow and knee?

While growing up, I was very fortunate to be athletic and excel at multiple sports, especially baseball.  Equally important, I loved school and the challenges it provided. After a collegiate and professional baseball career, I made my decision to pursue a career in medicine.

When that happened, with my athletic and academic background, orthopedic surgery became the perfect place for me to pursue my career. To me, orthopedic surgery is about treating all my patients as active individuals who are passionate about activities and exercise at the level they desire. It is my job to work with them to keep that level of activity going, allowing them to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

How does your own athletic history inform and inspire your work?

I believe my athletic history allows me to relate with my patients very well. Whether a competitive athlete or recreational athlete, I feel I can relate to my patients and how important their passion for activity and performance means to them. I want to support them in getting back to pursuing the goals and accomplishments they would like to achieve.

Why did you join the team at CCOE?  

I was proud to have the opportunity to join the team at CCOE. What stood out to me was the culture, leadership, and patient-centric approach that has made them extremely successful. CCOE delivers full-service patient care that allows a patient to receive the highest quality care that is cost-effective and efficient.

From diagnosis, imaging, physical therapy, and the potential need for surgery, CCOE has everything a patient needs to get back to the active lifestyle they desire. I am privileged to be a part of that approach.

What are your areas of specialty? 

My areas of specialty are in shoulder and knee injuries. I take care of all injuries of the shoulder and knee, from athletic injuries all the way to treatment of arthritis. I perform arthroscopic surgeries for sports injuries as well as shoulder and knee replacements for arthritis. It is my goal to take a conservative approach to all treatment options whenever possible, leaving surgery for only when necessary.

What advice would you give patients who are eager to get out and get moving?

Whether you are recovering from injury or have been out and about less with all we have been through since the beginning of the pandemic, my main advice to patients is to prepare.

Understand where they are currently with their conditioning and activity level and set goals for where they want to be and work towards them. It’s important to understand that many injuries occur with significant increases in activity and the demands we put on our body.  Preparing with a stretching, strengthening, and conditioning program will help to reduce the risk of injury.

What advice do you have for young athletes who have dealt with some very unique training and competitive seasons in the past few years?

For the young athletes out there, as well as everybody, it has been unique and challenging to a level that none of us have seen before. My advice would be to continue to love the game that they are playing and do not lose sight of the enjoyment that comes with competing. We have learned how much of a privilege it really is, so have fun.

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