Sports Performance

Are you seeking to increase endurance and strength while improving your speed, reaction times, and agility. Our professional performance training team will help you do just that, pushing you to your edge of athletic performance to help you achieve your goals and break through your previous limitations.

Our customized sports performance training programs are designed for strength and conditioning based specifically on your unique objectives, fitness level, and sport. We provide a thorough evaluation of your current abilities to determine any areas of instability or weakness that need to be addressed during your training.

We combine corrective and restorative exercises, conditioning, cardiovascular training, and strength training with exercise techniques specific to your sport. You will be closely monitored by one of our performance team members to ensure accuracy and development.

Return to Sport Program

Have you been injured or undergone a surgical procedure? Whether you work with one of our physical therapists, or have sought rehabilitation elsewhere, we can help get you back in the game. We perform a full Return to Sport Screen to determine your readiness to return to sport. You will be provided with a customized report based on your age, gender, sport, and level to objectively help determine your readiness for return.

By identifying movement asymmetries and dysfunctional patterns we help drive your individual programming to return to your sport with confidence. This evaluation is the same process we use prior to sports performance training in order to reduce the risk of preventable injuries.

What is a “Return to Sport Movement Analysis”?

A movement analysis involves a battery of tests to aide in determining your readiness to return to sport. These tests may include, but are not limited to; Y-Balance Test, Functional Movement Screen, Hop Testing, Isokinetic Testing, etc. After suffering an orthopedic injury and/or undergoing surgical reconstruction, your body loses motor control, mobility, and stability. Specifically, around the affected joint. Physical therapy will help to re-establish these components throughout the healing process. However, completing physical therapy and meeting your surgeon’s criteria for return to sport is not the end of this process. The risk for re-injury will continue to be high throughout the first year following the injury and/or surgery. When appropriate, it will be important to identify your risk level for injury/re-injury. This information will help organize the next phase of the return to sport process. Along with identifying your risk level, you will be given areas of need to focus on as you gradually re-enter formal sports participation.

Why am I being asked to perform a “Return to Sport Movement Analysis”?

In order to release you to begin a gradual reintroduction to your sport, your surgeon will want to collect as much information on your progress after surgery.

  • This information will include:
    • Your subjective report
    • The surgeon’s clinical findings
    • Previous injury history
    • Notes from your physical therapist
    • Functional testing results
  • The functional testing provides objective data on:
    • Your ability to dynamically control the affected limb
    • How well you control the affected limb compared to the unaffected limb
    • How well you control the combination of the two as compared to your peers
    • The underlying issues potentially affecting these asymmetries (motor control, mobility, stability)
    • Muscular strength testing
    • Other limiting factors

What should I expect on the day of testing?

  • Cost: $125 (not covered by insurance)
  • Come dressed in workout clothes and shoes you would typically train in (no cleats).
  • Plan on 60-90 minutes for testing, interpreting the data, and discussing the next steps.

What’s next?

  • We will share your results with your surgeon and provide you with a copy.
  • You will follow up with your surgeon to determine if you are ready to return to sports participation.
  • We will make recommendations for the next phase of your training and help to create a plan for returning to practice and eventually competition.
  • It is important that you continue to work with a physical therapist or certified strength and conditioning professional for as long as prescribed or indicated.
  • We offer return to sport training at our facilities:
    • $45 1-hour semi-private training session (price breaks for purchasing sessions in multiples of 4)
    • $295 monthly unlimited 1-hour semi-private training sessions

At Colorado Center of Orthopaedic Excellence, our sports performance team works with:

  • Elite and professional athletes, including Olympians and Olympic hopefuls
  • College and high school athletes
  • Professionals in which peak condition is essential – firefighters, police officers, military
  • Fitness enthusiasts seeking to improve

For sports performance training under the supervision of board-certified sports medicine specialists call us today at (719) 623-1795.

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Sports Performance
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