Runner sport knee injury.

When You Should See an Orthopedic Surgeon for Knee Pain

Knee pain tends to be a common problem for people that are active, have suffered an injury, or have put many years and miles on their legs. The knees bear most of your body weight, every moment that you’re upright, while allowing an extraordinary range of motion. Additional force applied through participation in sports, an auto or other accident, or just wear and tear as we get older can cause knee pain. While some medications and physical therapy can help with pain and reduced mobility, when is it time to see an orthopedic surgeon for knee pain?

If you suffer a sports injury or accident that injures your knee, you should see an orthopedic surgeon right away to prevent further damage and start the healing process immediately. If you have a repetitive stress injury or osteoarthritis, it may be harder to determine when enough is enough. The good news is that there are many treatment options available for knee pain that are extremely effective. And if you do need surgery, your orthopedic surgeon will be able to determine which procedure will be most helpful, with the least amount of disruption and rehabilitation time. 

Here are some of the knee conditions that orthopedic surgeons treat:

·        General knee pain

·        Acute and overuse injuries

·        Sports injuries

·        Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear

·        Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) tear

·        Meniscus tear

·        Cartilage defects/flaps

·        Chondral defects

·        Patellar (knee cap) tendon tear

·        Bursitis

·        Osteoarthritis

·        Patellofemoral syndrome (pain below the knee cap)

Once you are examined by an orthopedic surgeon, some treatment options include physical therapy, injections (including viscosupplementation), or minimally-invasive surgery options. Arthroscopy can both diagnose and treat many injuries. A small tube-like instrument is inserted into a tiny incision, through which a camera shows the surgeon the inside of the knee. Damaged cartilage and tendons can be repaired by inserting precision tools through the arthroscope. Even partial and total knee replacement are now possible through minimally-invasive means, if necessary.

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