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Technology in Sports

Technology has made its way into nearly every aspect of a person’s life – even for athletes. Wearable technology like Fitbit is the new trend in tracking and enhancing nearly every aspect of health and fitness. 

While wearable technology helps athletes push their limits, technological breakthroughs in medicine have gone even further. This revolutionary technology helps athletes enjoy enhanced muscle mass, faster healing, and better treatment of injuries.

Recording and Tracking Sports Performance

Various trackers that measure heart and breathing rates, hydration and oxygen levels, core temperature, and caloric intake have brought fitness to the cutting edge of science. In fact, the NFL has developed sensors in players’ shoulder pads that record data on the force and impact of tackles made and received.

Other sensors can test for signs of injury by deciphering whether a player favors one side of their body. This information gives trainers a real-life glimpse into a player’s overall condition.

Trainers can also gather a complete picture of a player’s diet, workouts, fitness level, and injuries. The trainers can then utilize this data to customize workout regimens and injury rehabilitation programs for the player.

Genomics and Types of Recommended Activities 

A genetic sample of an athlete’s DNA can be tested for markers regarding nutritional requirements and predisposition to certain types of injuries. Certain companies are now relying on DNA to help determine whether a player should alter their workout, whether they are more prone to a certain type of injury, and to anticipate nutritional demands.

Customized workouts and nutritional plans based upon an athlete’s own genetics is now possible thanks to modern technology in sports.

Technology to Prevent Injuries

Almost 10,000 elite athletes playing for over 500 teams in 35 sports in 35 countries are now wearing technology that records over 100 metrics, thereby giving a trainer or coach an overall picture of the player’s health at a glimpse. This includes warnings when a player is overexerted and needs to rest.

It is now commonplace for professional athletes to wear some type of technology to measure performance and prevent injury. The implemented data has been a lifesaver for some teams that were once the most-injured in their leagues but have become among the least-injured in their leagues.

If Your Child Plays Sports

Many of these devices are too costly for a parent to buy for their children. However, some teams have recently begun embracing the use of technology to prevent injuries and better provide metrics for its athletes. 

With more and more youths getting involved in sports, the number of injuries will increase due to the sheer numbers of kids participating. However, it’s best to understand your child’s training regimen and see what types of technology that are being implemented.

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