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PT vs OT

Occupational Physical Therapy

Most everyone is familiar with Physical Therapy. You are injured…
Common Gymnastics Injuries

Common Gymnastics Injuries

Common gymnastics injuries occur as gymnastics is the kind…
physical therapy

Physical Therapy to Treat Injuries

Physical therapy can help people of all ages regain motion…
knee replacement

Types of Knee Implants

The types of knee Implants used in total knee replacement surgery…
chronic shoulder pain

What Makes the Shoulder So Delicate?

Shoulders are the most mobile joint of the human body. They…
bicep tendonitis

Biceps Tendonitis

Sometimes our shoulders can ache and hurt, but it is not necessarily…
Orthopedic Injury

Orthopedics and Teen Sports Injuries

Every year, there are millions of teen sports injuries who…
knee x-ray

Finding the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Colorado Springs

Finding the best orthopedic surgeon in Colorado Springs is often…
technology in orthopedics

Technology in Sports

Technology has made its way into nearly every aspect of a person’s…
Patient Education

Patient Education

Everything you need to know about your orthopedic condition, from preventing reinjury to avoiding risk factors can be found in our convenient online patient education library.


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Back Injuries Common in Young Athletes