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Tips to heal Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles injuries can happen to anyone. You don’t have to be executing high-performance sports movements to experience pain. Repetitive motions from daily activity can lead to Achilles pain, strain or tears, including Achilles tendonitis. As one of the body’s strongest tendons, the Achilles tendon allows you to lift yourself onto your tiptoes, powers explosive running […]

Have Knee Pain? Common Causes, from Runner’s Knee to Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Are you noticing knee pain as you’re getting out and about this spring? As the weather warms up, youth soccer players are transitioning from turf to grass, adult recreational leagues are starting up in many sports, and even pick-up basketball games are becoming more common. With so many people getting more active than they’ve been […]

When Knee or Joint Pain Means Arthritis

Knee pain can have many causes, and among the most common is arthritis. There are more than 100 different forms of arthritis and, although there is no cure for arthritis, there are many effective treatments that manage it, slow the progression, and offer relief from deteriorating joints. Osteoarthritis and post-traumatic arthritis are two common sources […]

Anterior Approach/Total Joint Reconstruction

Total joint reconstruction and total joint replacement are surgeries that can help patients to regain their range of motion, minimize or eliminate pain and take back their quality of life. For the half a million or more people each year that pursue joint replacement or joint reconstruction for the hip, it’s typically after many months […]

Clavicle Fracture: One of the top ski and snowboard injuries

A clavicle fracture – also known as a broken collar bone – is one of the five most common injuries skiers and riders experience. In fact, of the 10 people per day, on average, who are transported to the ER due to ski and snowboard injuries during an average ski season, shoulder injuries are the […]

How long does carpal tunnel last?

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain, weakness and numbness or tingling in your palm, fingers, and even your wrist and arm. It’s caused by compression of the median nerve which runs from your hand between tendons and a ligament that together comprise the “carpal tunnel” and continues on all the way up your arm. Carpal tunnel […]

What’s the difference between total knee replacement surgery and partial knee replacement surgery?

Comparing total knee replacement surgery vs. partial knee replacement surgery? If you are experiencing severe knee pain and advanced knee arthritis, what do you need to know about which option is right for you? Knees serve invaluable functions in our daily movements and the resulting wear and tear can impair stability, inhibit daily activities and […]

Suffering from knee pain? Where it hurts can be a clue for diagnosis

When you have knee pain, even the basics of everyday life can be difficult. Our knees are essential to standing, sitting, walking and so much more. If you’re an athlete, there’s not a sport out there that doesn’t require strong, healthy knees. Your knee is also one of the most complicated joints in your body. […]