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Types of Knee Implants

The types of knee Implants used in total knee replacement surgery are highly individualized, and there is no single type or size that fits all. Knee implants vary depending on design, materials, and fixation. The choice really depends on what the surgeon thinks is the best type of knee implant for you, with careful consideration […]

What Makes the Shoulder So Delicate?

Shoulders are the most mobile joint of the human body. They offer the greatest range of motion – and because of this flexibility, it is one of the most injured joints in the body. The shoulder involves three bones: the humerus (upper arm bone), the clavicle (collarbone), and the scapula (shoulder blade). Your shoulder enables […]

Biceps Tendonitis

Sometimes our shoulders can ache and hurt, but it is not necessarily due to a shoulder injury – it may be due to a slow development of biceps tendonitis. Tendons are tough connective tissues that attach the muscles to the bones, enabling the body to move. The biceps muscle is located in the upper arm, […]

Orthopedics and Teen Sports Injuries

Every year, there are millions of teen sports injuries who participate in some form of high school sports. And every year, many of them sustain sports-related injuries. Whether it’s baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, or other activity that involves running, jumping, sliding, tackling, or other form of contact, injuries will happen. The most common of […]

Finding the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Colorado Springs

Finding the best orthopedic surgeon in Colorado Springs is often based on a variety of factors. An orthopedic injury or chronic condition can be more than just painful – it can seriously affect your ability to perform routine activities, including those you enjoy. That’s why it’s important to entrust your orthopedic care to only the […]

Technology in Sports

Technology has made its way into nearly every aspect of a person’s life – even for athletes. Wearable technology like Fitbit is the new trend in tracking and enhancing nearly every aspect of health and fitness.  While wearable technology helps athletes push their limits, technological breakthroughs in medicine have gone even further. This revolutionary technology […]

Overuse Injuries – How Can You Prevent Them?

There are two basic types of injuries: acute injuries and overuse injuries. Acute injuries happen as a result of a single, often blunt-force trauma to the body. Overuse injuries are injuries that gradually develop over time. This occurs from doing a repetitive motion until some joint or body part begins to suffer the inability to […]

How to Tell if You Have a Toenail Fungus

Microscopic fungi are everywhere. Gyms, pools, locker rooms, hot tubs, and saunas provide excellent breeding grounds for fungal infections. If you walk barefoot in a locker room and then immediately put on socks, those fungi can reproduce exponentially on your feet and toes. Your toes are responsible to help you balance as you stand, walk, […]

Preventing Falls at Home After Orthopedic Surgery

Thanks to advances in modern surgical techniques, many injuries today can be treated on an outpatient basis. Someone who undergoes a minor knee repair surgery, for example, may be sent home a few hours following the procedure. While recovery at home is often far more comfortable than recovering in a hospital, it holds far more […]

The Benefits of a Sports Performance Doctor

For athletes of all skill levels, the advantages of seeing a physician who specializes in sports medicine far outweigh those of a doctor unfamiliar with cutting-edge athletic treatments. While there is nothing wrong with seeing a general practitioner, a sports performance doctor not only undergoes additional schooling but also is experienced in all manner of […]