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Slipped Vertebrae Spondylolisthesis

Like any part of the body, the spine is prone to its fair share of unsteadiness. Specifically, a condition called slipped vertebrae spondylolisthesis in which a vertebra moves and slips out of place, causing intense lower back pain, among other symptoms. Chronic back pain can prevent people from participating in enjoyable activities and hobbies. It […]

Scaphoid Wrist Fracture

Scaphoid fractures are usually difficult to identify. The scaphoid is relatively smaller than other bones of the hand, so the fracture may not be visible. The scaphoid area may not seem swollen, and one won’t always feel severe pain. As a result, people often ignore a scaphoid fracture, confuse it with a sprained wrist and […]

Quadriceps Tendon Tear

The quadriceps tendon is a durable piece of tissue that helps straighten the leg. A quadriceps tendon tear is a painful condition that makes this activity difficult. This makes it difficult to walk. As a result, it can greatly limit the daily activities you need to function. The place to get the most accurate diagnosis […]

Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

Back and neck conditions, like cervical spondylotic myelopathy, are some of the most common causes of pain and disability. This kind of pain can be recurring and distracting, preventing people from performing and enjoying everyday tasks and activities. But that’s not the way it has to be. The orthopedic experts at the Colorado Center of […]

Ankle Replacement

Ankles are hard at work supporting your weight and making it possible for your to use your feet. Standing, walking, running, jumping, and even sitting up in a chair all rely on your ankles to support your legs and body. For patients with ankle arthritis, pain is just a part of daily life. But when […]

Shoulder Instability

The shoulder is among the most flexible components of the human body. It helps you move and rotate your arm in various directions and allows you to reach over your head. Because shoulders have such a great range of motion, though, they are more susceptible to instability. The more shoulder instability a patient has, the […]

Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger may not sound like a serious condition, but to those who have it, it can be pretty debilitating. Trigger Finger is when the fingers get stuck in a bent position. In some people, Trigger Finger may get better without treatment. However, if it is not treated, there is a chance the affected finger […]

Hip Impingement

Femoroacetabular impingement — also known as FAI or simply as hip impingement — is a common condition affecting competitive athletes and active older adults alike. With appropriate proactive treatment, many individuals with FAI can return to the playing field or their active lifestyle without pain and discomfort. The word to consider closely here is “proactive.” […]

Talus Fracture

There can be many different broken bones in your foot, but a talus fracture is a broken bone in your lower ankle. A talus fracture is a high-impact injury and can be very severe. It can result in a loss of motion and function of your ankle and foot joints. This can affect your ability […]

Wet Spring Snow Increases the Risk of ACL Injuries for Skiers

Spring skiing often means wetter, heavier snow which can increase the risk of injury compared to skiing on lighter, drier snow. Knee injuries, including strained or torn ACLs (anterior cruciate ligament), are especially common in these conditions. Why can wetter snow create more injuries? There are a few reasons: Increased resistance: Wet, heavy snow provides […]